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The Label – About Us

Timin Music Entertainment (TME), is a stable and reputable multimedia entertainment company, set up to supply many genres of audio and visual entertainment to national and international consumer markets. We are an independent record label with a diverse roster of new original talent covering a variety of music genres.

TME has an experienced management team. Timin Music Entertainment’s CEOs are “Mr. CJ Himself” and Cindy Smith Bates.


Timin Music Entertainment’s mission is to discover, develop, and promote new musical talent for successful careers in the ever-changing music industry. TME endeavors to capitalize on the growing entertainment market across the world through the production and promotion of exceptional quality musical entertainment. We strive to enrich lives by providing music of timeless appeal.

Here at TME, we believe each artist is unique. Our goal is to build long-lasting careers for our artists by determining the best personalized strategic plan for each artist. This includes enhancing the artist’s image, producing radio-ready master recordings and albums, overseeing the release and promotion of albums, and providing coordination of and preparation for national and international promotional campaigns. We believe there should be a working partnership between the label and the artist.

Timin Music Entertainment is pleased to present a fresh new sensation Adam Aldama aka Sizzle, with an exciting new unique sound emerging onto the pop and R&B Urban music scene. Adam Aldama’s debut album, Love Potion, has been released and is available everywhere. Love Potion is just one of many Pop, R&B, Funk, easy listening Rock and all other styles of genres for Timin Music Entertainment.